It seems Palestinians and Israelis have found common ground on a recent Turkish television mini-series being rebroadcast around the Arab world.

The drama, which was first broadcast on Turkey’s state television last October, depicts IDF soldiers as cold-blooded murderers and rapists.

The Turkish drama, which has strained relations between Turkey and Israel, has also enraged many Palestinians, especially female prisoners held in Israeli jails.

The inmates are particularly outraged over scenes showing IDF soldiers “raping” a Palestinian [woman].

“This film defames the female prisoners and their struggles in occupation prisons,” the prisoners said in a statement. “We call on the producer of this Turkish drama to apologize to the Palestinian people for the scene which shows Israeli soldiers raping a Palestinian female prisoner….”

The statement said that the scene has nothing to do with reality.

“Those who think that a Palestinian female prisoner is raped when she’s arrested are living in an illusion and are mistaken,” the female prisoners said. “There has never been such a case. Nor have we heard of a Palestinian family that killed their daughter after her release.”

Palestinian Authority officials have also expressed outrage over the drama, dubbing it “offensive” and “detached from reality.”

So, there you have it from the horse’s mouth; Israeli soldiers do not abuse Palestinian women.  It is heartening to hear Palestinians – Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails even – stand up for the truth about Israeli soldiers.  But, historically, Palestinians have not been shy about being both consumers and producers of anti-Israel and even anti-Jewish content.  Why the sudden interest in speaking out and defending the reputation of Israeli soldiers?

It would seem that the central issue, alluded to in Khaled Abu Toameh’s article above, is that the Israeli soldiers are being accused of violating Palestinian women.  And, as Amnesty International states in a report on “Honor” Killings, being a rape victim, or even a suspected rape victim, can be very dangerous.

What can precipitate an “honor” killing?

Women and girls can be killed for a variety of behaviors, which may include talking with an unrelated male, consensual sexual relations outside marriage, being a victim of rape, seeking a divorce, or refusing to marry the man chosen by one’s family. Even the suspicion of a transgression may result in a killing. AI [Amnesty International] received a report of a man who killed his wife on the basis of a dream he had about her committing adultery.

Sadly, with an estimated 5,000 women victims worldwide per year of such crimes, to be portrayed as rape victims is a real concern for these Palestinian women who do not want to end up like some of their unfortunate Palestinian sisters.

Consequently, we find Palestinians and Israelis united in their opposition to incitement… well, at least this particular piece of incitement.  Maybe this incident will give Palestinian producers of incitement pause to consider the consequences of spinning lies, exaggeration, and hate.