Even with so much being “Made in China” these days, an entrepreneurial Israeli has proven that Israeli Defense Forces graduates are a cut above the rest when it comes to a classic, Asian export.  In a joint Israeli-Chinese venture, Israelis are training employees of Chinese companies who are being stationed abroad in martial arts and self-defense.

Many Chinese governmental companies have been operating outside the communist state in recent years in laying foundations, paving roads and setting up factories and mines. Most of the work is being done in developing countries in Africa, South America, Central Asia and the Middle East.
Hundreds of thousands of Chinese employees are estimated to be dispatched overseas every year and are usually not trained to handle dangerous situations they may find themselves in.
Every month Chinese employees find themselves victims of armed robbery and abductions during their work overseas. Most cases end with capitulation to the kidnappers but some have also resulted in death.
Course participants are trained in self-defense techniques including Krav Maga, an Israeli-developed martial art focused on using instinct and practical techniques to counter threats.
As noted in his interview with state-run “China Daily”, Israeli founder Adi Talmor prepared for his venture by first going back to school to major in East Asian Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Despite his familiarity with Eastern cultures, Talmor still has to bridge some cultural divides.
“Our potential clients know that Israelis are the best in the business but still constantly ask for proof. We’ve recently been approached by one of the Chinese police’s special units which asked us to send one of our instructors to check whether he’s better than their instructor.
“They wanted him to fight the other instructor one-on-one like on the Kung-fu films,” Talmor related. “If he wins, they’ll take him to do their training. They make decisions here in an entirely different way than we are familiar.”
What’s next?  An Israeli surfing school in California?  An Israeli ice skating clinic in Canada?