Over the weekend, an idyllic scene of unity took place at the Western Wall, as bearded men of one faith reached out to bearded men of another.

A group of Amish arrived at one of Judaism’s holiest sites to visit, apologize for past silence, and pledge support for Israel and the Jewish people in the future.

This group put aside their traditional horse and buggys and braved the modern airplane to travel to the Holy Land for a very specific mission, as detailed by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.

Representatives of the [Amish] community from the United States and from Switzerland visited the Western Wall and met with the rabbi of the Western Wall, Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz. They asked the Jewish People for forgiveness for their silence during the Holocaust, in face of the genocide of the Jews by the Nazis….

They stated that they don’t expect any gesture from the Jewish People and are not planning to preach religion, but only are interested in expressing their support, which is something that they have not done in the past.

During the meeting with Rabbi Rabinowitz, the representatives of the group presented the rabbi with a written plea for forgiveness on parchment, including a commitment to express their support of Israel in public, especially in light of the hatred of the president of Iran….

If Amish can brave the modern world and get on an airplane to come and show their support for Israel in person, who has an excuse now?